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How Marketers And Business Operatives Can Boost Their Web’s Credibility During This Pandemic Season

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As I write this, the world is in the middle of perhaps its worst crisis since the end of World War II, the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus. COVID-19 has been around for some months now and has already become one of the worst pandemics in known human history. 

As a matter of fact, according to a 100-page federal government response plan recently shared with The New York Times, the coronavirus pandemic could last over 18 months.

What’s more, increasing COVID-19 cases in the U.S. will mean a reduction in physical (offline) business operations and a rise in online operations. Hence, the need for business owners to focus on boosting their web’s credibility just got stronger. 

There’s only one thing you’ll need to convert visitors to customers: CREDIBILITY!

Below, therefore, are quick tips on how marketers and business owners can boost their web’s credibility during this pandemic season:

Start By Getting Backlinks From Top Tier Website

Apparently, there are four ways visitors get to know your website. 

1. Direct: These are visitors who type in your URL directly into their address bar. 

2. Paid: Obviously, these are visitors from advertising campaigns. 

3. Organic search: These are visitors who find your pages and posts in search engines. 

4. Referrals: A referral is a visitor who finds you through links on related sites. 

Since you’re working from home during this pandemic season, it’s time to focus more on referrals and getting strong backlinks from high authorities. Professional SEO experts recommend backlinks for your business’s website because they represent a “vote of confidence” from one site to another. In essence, backlinks to your website are a signal to search engines that your website is credible and that others vouch for your content! 

Flaunt Your Customer Reviews and Testimonial

More customers are focusing on online reviews when researching the business to use as a whopping 73 percent of consumers trust a business more when they get positive reviews and 79 percent saying online reviews are as trustworthy as personal recommendations. 

Content Is King!

As long as you are updating your website with quality content, trust me, visitors will keep coming. 

The better you content the more engaged your visitors will be, and more engagement means more conversion for you. 

Have A Super Effective SEO Strategy

At this stage of the business world, if you don’t understand SEO, you’re doing yourself a mischief. You need to have a super-effective SEO strategy so that you’re engaging in the right type of traffic delivery for your business website. However, you can decide to employ professional SEO services so that you wouldn’t be breaking the rules. 

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